Dump stuff for the future and move on.

Memex makes it super easy and quick to capture and retrieve any kind of interesting content that you might need in the future.


Memex for iOS

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It feels great not to worry about categories or tags when adding something new. Just dump it and Memex does the rest.


Think of the way we represent your content as a Slack channel or private Tumlbr for your thoughts. You already know how it works.

Content feed

With a simple structure of Spaces that behave like folders on your PC you can create any kind of structure you want for your content.


With native Extensions for every platform you can dump anything from anywhere at anytime. Download the Extension for your browser.


Use cases

This is how we're using Memex to build Memex. So meta.

Example use case

Design research

I need to quickly become an expert of the market, technology and everything else related to the project I'm currently working on and Memex is the place where I dump all the stuff for later when I need it.

Robin Raszka

Robin Raszka

Product designer at Memex

External brain

I dump a ton of work and personal related stuff to my Memex on daily basis and I simply can't live without it anymore. Memex has become my second brain.

Adam Zdara

Adam Zdara

Software engineer at Memex

Example use case